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6mm Planetary Gear Motor

As an innovative gear motor manufacturer, INEED Motors designs and manufactures the smallest planetary gear motors in the market, it is known as Nano planetary DC gear motors. Our 6mm gear motor lineup includes high torque DC motors capable of delivering exceptional performance in compact spaces.

The 6mm planetary gear motor is a type of plastic gear motor that offers 6-700 times higher load capacity compared to their same-sized 6mm coreless brushed motors. If you are designing precision electronic devices, smart home products, industrial actuators, or any application that requires a DC motor with high torque low speed within strict size constraints, you can contact us now to customize these planetary DC gear motors.

Smallest 6mm Planetary Gear Motor | INEED Motors

The structure of the 6mm planetary gear motor:

6mm planetary gear motor structure | INEED Motors

There are 4 gear ratio options.

6mm planetary gear motor

These tiny DC reduction motors consist of two parts. 6mm planetary gear motor contains a 6mm diameter coreless motor and a 6mm plastic gearhead. Their gears, output shaft, and entire reducer are made of liquid crystal polymers (LCPs), also known as plastic gear motors. By combining these 4 different reduction boxes with 4 kinds of 6mm coreless motors, we can get 4 reduction motor series. The solution has 16 options.
609 Planetary gear motor | INEED Motors

609 Series

612 Planetary gear motor | INEED Motors

612 Series

614 Planetary gear motor | INEED Motors

614 Series

615 Planetary gear motor | INEED Motors

615 Series

Standard 6mm plastic planetary gear head dimensions and customizable options:

Planetary Gear Head | INEED Motors
Round Shaft

We can supply you with a round plastic shaft with diameter of 1.5mm and length of 8.05mm.

Connection Mode

The length of the wire can be customized, or various connectors can be added at the end of the wire.

Our standard planetary gear head has a D-shaped plastic output shaft, which is 2 mm in diameter with a section that is flattened by 0.5 mm. The shaft “D” portion is 2.5 mm long. And the miniature planetary gearbox length depends on their gear ratio.

Customizable options:

Working Environment:

Typically, these motors are rated at 3.0V DC and operate at 2.1V DC to 3.6V DC. If your application needs to operate at a low starting voltage, we can set the motor starting voltage range at 0.8-1.2V DC.

The lower voltages may not be used and higher voltages may negatively affect the life span of the 6mm gear motor. The output speed range of this series of gear motors is from 6420rpm to 40rpm, the output current is 60mA, and the torque is from 5g to

When the planetary gear motor is under stalling or overload, it will damage the winding and brush of the motor in a few seconds.

For these nylon transmissions, the instantaneous torque cannot exceed the upper limit of, we strongly recommend keeping the application loads within this limit.

The free running speed, stall torque, and stall current of the motor can reach its optimum operating condition when operating at 3.0V DC voltage.

What else are the features of these 6mm planetary gear motor?

The 6mm planetary gear motor ingeniously combines a 6mm neodymium rare-earth magnet coreless motor with a planetary gearbox. Weighing only 1.25 grams, these small gear motors offer exceptional versatility, fitting seamlessly into even the most confined spaces, including electronic locks, drones, and medical devices.

Our Nano Planetary Gearboxes feature multiple gears designed to evenly distribute loads, ensuring reliable performance under varying conditions.

Manufactured in large quantities, our 6mm motors boast superior precision. Crafted from injection-molded plastic, the Nano planetary gear motors uphold strict quality standards, guaranteeing consistent and accurate operation.

With their small size, high torque, and precise performance, these low speed high torque electric motors find applications across a wide range of industries. From medical instruments and miniature robots to consumer electronics and small appliances, the small planetary gear motors capabilities enable precise adjustments and movements, enhancing functionality in various settings.

Technical Support and Customization Capabilities

INEED Motors has over 10 years of experienced R&D engineers and several advanced R&D laboratories.


Our engineers can understand your project needs and product specifications in-depth and provide the appropriate technical solutions.
The products include brushless DC motor, brushed motor, gearbox design, and development.

More than 80% of the projects we worked on are customized. Our customized services include dimensions, internal structures, technical parameters, encoders, and other custom accessories.


Our engineering team organizes regular training sessions to keep the technical team at the forefront of the industry and proficient in dealing with various technical challenges.

We provide detailed technical documents and information, such as specifications, motor characteristic curves, 3D drawings, etc.

Precision Processes and Optimized Production Capacity

You need more than just a 6mm planeatary gear motor, you also need a trusted supplier to build your brand and increase profits!

Production on Demand Order

INEED Motors focuses on customer demands and flexibly adjusts the production process and schedule to ensure the timely delivery of high-quality customized products. Regardless of the bigger or smaller order, we respond quickly and provide solutions that meet our customers' requirements.


Core Parts Manufacturing and Assembly

We have advanced gear processing equipment and skilled technical workers, who can accurately process all kinds of high-precision gear, in strict accordance with the assembly process for gearbox assembly, to ensure stable and reliable product quality, and to provide customers with excellent performance and experience.


DC Motor Production and Control

Perform organization and a series of inspections on motor components such as rotors, stators, commutators, and end caps. Each motor rotor is rigorously tested and evaluated to ensure its quality is up to industry-leading levels, enhancing product performance and reliability.


Automated Manufacturing Capacity and Continuous Optimization

We continue to invest in research and development and the introduction of advanced automated production equipment. With an automation rate of 60%, and continuous optimization of production processes, to ensure that we are always at the forefront of the industry and meet the changing needs of our customers.


Quality Control and Reliability

INEED Motors is equipped with various precision machining and quality testing equipment. We have established a comprehensive inspection process, covering material selection, production process monitoring, product testing, and other aspects. We have also established a perfect after-sales service system to respond to customer inquiries and needs promptly, rather than go away after delivery.


FAQ for 6mm Planetary Gear Motor

This series of 6mm plastic planetary gear motors has four speed ratios: 5.14:1, 26.45:1, 136.02:1, and 699.02:1, indicating that they have four gear stages.

The planetary gearbox design of 6mm gear motors allows for multiple gears to distribute the load evenly, resulting in higher torque output compared to standard motors of similar size.

Its gearbox cannot be made of metal because of structural limitations. If you are looking for a 6mm metal gearbox motor, consider our 6 mm metal planetary gear motor. This series of metal planetary gear motors have stronger structural components that can handle higher torques and offer a variety of gear ratios. For more information, please contact our sales engineer immediately!

Yes, INEED Motors is a professional gear motor manufacturer that offers customization options for 6mm planetary gear motors, allowing customers to tailor the motor’s specifications, such as torque, speed, and voltage, to meet their specific requirements.

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You need our support, and we are ready to provide assistance.

Motor products pose complexities in understanding, specifying, and integrating, with no industry standards. We offer expertise to mitigate design, manufacturing, and supply risks.

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