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Our product lines include 6-42mm diameter Planetary gear motors, N20, N30, 130, 180,370,500,555, etc. Spur gear motors, Brushless gear motors, Worm gear motors, Brushless gear motors, worm gear motors, and other high torque low RPM gear motors.

The process for customizing an ideal miniature DC gear motor is simple. Fill in your requirements (such as voltage, speed, torque) in the form, or send an e-mail with your needs to us, our sales engineer will reply to you within 8 hours. When the performance parameters are determined, you can receive your customized small gear motor sample within 7-10 days at the earliest.

A DC motor forms part of the DC gear motor body, providing power to the gear motor. A small gear motor features the same basic motor design as a DC motor, but it is outfitted with a gear head to reduce speed and increase torque, making it suitable for requiring high torque applications. Due to their simple structure, DC motors can meet the requirements of high speeds and low torque and can achieve single-motion control functions.

We INEED Electronics is a professional motor manufacturer with more than 10 experience. Most of our customers come from Europe, North America, and Southeast Asian countries, with 100% inspection, and Customer Satisfaction is 98%.

For samples, the lead time is 7-10 days. For bulk orders, it depends on the quantity of the order. 10K PCS usually talks for 20-25 days.

We don’t have MOQ requirements. The customized parts should meet the MOQ of our material supplier. Please refer to our specific quotation.

Our small gear motors are in high quality and reliability. We use magnets with the highest magnetic flux, as well as steel or brass reduction motors from first-class suppliers, to ensure the quality of gear motors is stable. In addition, we have established a sound quality control process, from research and development to production, every step is strictly checked to ensure the best quality.

For samples or small orders, we usually use DHL/FedEx/UPS by door-to-door transportation. Or provide your international shipping account to collect them. For bulk orders, we can arrange sea or air transportation.

Who will carry the freight? It depends on the Incoterm between you and us.

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