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Brushless DC Motor for Electric Dental Handpiece

Brushless DC Motor for Electric Dental Handpiece

Project Challenges:

Our customer approached us seeking a brushless DC motor for their electric dental handpiece. A dental handpiece, also known as a dental drill, is a mechanical instrument used for removing decay, polishing fillings, performing cosmetic dentistry, and altering prostheses.

The customer originally used an air turbine dental handpiece, but it could not provide constant torque, resulting in high-speed loss and big noise.


We designed and supplied a 16mm brushless DC motor.

The electric dental handpiece is equipped with an internal gear drive system that allows it to rotate smoothly. The handle is connected to a central drive shaft by a gear in the head. The gears of the electric dental handpiece head hold the handle in a locked position to prevent the swing or vibration of the handle often encountered when using the pneumatic head. The constant torque allows the bur to move concentrically and allows it to cut smoothly.


The electric dental handpiece is slower than the air turbine dental handpiece. But even when cutting crowns or other high-density materials, the electric dental handpiece can maintain its constant output speed. Without the loss of speed that happens with an air turbine dental phone. Since there is no air, the electric dental handpiece is quieter and prevents some risks of medical errors, such as air embolism.

As a necessary medical dental tool, it is constantly upgraded. Many dentists prefer an electric dental handpiece powered by a brushless DC motor.

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