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LRA coin micro motor for Wearable Smart Device

LRA Coin Micro Motor for Wearable Smart Device

Project Challenges

Our European customer had developed a high-grade wearable smartwatch that incorporated multimedia, sensing, identification, wireless communication, and other technologies for daily wear. The device needed to have low battery drainage and had to pass rigorous tests, including lifetime service, free fall, and moisture resistance. Additionally, cost considerations were important, and strict targets had to be met.


Given the project requirements, our customer wanted to seek an experienced Micro DC motor manufacturer. We recommended the use of our current LRA (Linear Resonant Actuator) vibration motor design, which is a mature technology feedback device. Furthermore, we made adjustments to the connection mode of the LRA vibration motor on the Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPCB), significantly reducing the assembly time of the haptic feedback motor.


Our solution saved the customer from the expense of a redesign and also saved valuable project time. By incorporating our LRA motor into the smartwatch, the device’s service life was maximized compared to other motors. Online platforms and retail stores selling the client’s product reported a significant increase in customer satisfaction. Furthermore, in the client’s subsequent smartwatches of varying grades, they utilized our different vibration motors, further demonstrating the trust and confidence they placed in our products.

By partnering with our experienced Micro DC Motor manufacturing team and implementing our tailored solution, our customer achieved their goals, enhancing the performance and user experience of their smartwatch while meeting cost targets.

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