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Micro DC Motor and Small Gear Motor Accessories:The Common Connectors from INEED

In the field of electrical engineering and equipment interconnection, connectors, also known as plugs or sockets, are key electromechanical components. Their main function is to establish and disconnect electrical connections while facilitating the transmission of signals between conductors and compatible components.

We offer a variety of standard connectors that can be seamlessly integrated with our small gear motors and micro DC motors. Below, we have listed the following standard connectors for you to choose from:

Molex Connectors

a. Molex 51021-0200

Description: 1.25mm Pitch PicoBlade™ Wire-to-Wire and Wire-to-Board Housing, Female, 2 Circuits

Crimp Terminal: 50058, 50079

Mating wires: UL1571 28/30/32AWG

Housing: PBT

Mating Parts: 51047 Crimp Housing, 53047 PCB Header, 53048 PCB Header, 53261 PCB Header, 53398 PCB Header.


Molex 51021 0200
Molex 51021-0200

b. Molex 51021-0300

Description: 1.25mm Pitch PicoBlade Wire-to-Wire and Wire-to-Board Receptacle Housing, Female, 3 Circuits, Natural

Crimp Terminal:    50058, 50079

Mating wires: UL1571 28/30/32AWG

Mating Parts: 51047 Crimp Housing, 53047 PCB Header, 53048 PCB Header, 53261 PCB Header, 53398 PCB Header


51021 0300

c. Molex 781710002

Description: 1.20mm Pitch, Pico-EZmate PCB Header, Single Row, Gold Plating, Friction Lock, 2 Circuits, Tape and Reel

Pitch-Mating Interface: 1.2mm

Link: Molex Connector Part Number – 78171-0002 | Molex

JST Connectors

a. JST SHR-02V-S-B

Application:   Wire to Board Crimp style Connectors

Circuits(max): 2

Pitch: 1.00mm

Crimp Terminal:    SSH-003T-P2.0-H

Mating wires: UL1571 28/30/32AWG

Mating Parts: BM02B-SRSS-TB


b. JST SHR-03V-S-B

Application:   Wire to Board Crimp style Connectors

Circuits(max): 3

Pitch: 1.00mm

Crimp Terminal: SSH-003T-P2.0-H

Mating wires: UL1571 28/30/32AWG

Mating Parts: BM03B-SRSS-TB




Application: Wire to Wire Connector, Crimp style with locking device

Circuits(max): 2

Pitch: 2.5mm

Crimp Terminal: JST SYM-001T-P0.6(N)

Mating wires: UL3302 26/28AWG

Mating Parts: B02B-CZHK-B-1, S02B-CZHK-B-1, BM02B-CZSS-1-TF, SM02B-CZSS-1-TB



a. AVX ELCO 8005

Application: 2 Position Miniature IDC Wire to Board Connector

Circuits 2

Pitch: 1.27 mm Mating wires: UL 1571 AWG #30


a. ACES  50276-002

Pitch: 1.25mm

Mating wires: AWG#28/1.0A, AWG#30/1.0A, AWG#32/0.8A


b. ACES 50270-002

Pitch: 1.2mm

Mating wires: AWG#28/3.0A, AWG#30 /2.0ALink:

Should our standard connectors not align with your specific needs, we welcome the option for you to provide your own connectors to be assembled onto our motors. For cylindrical motors, it’s essential to strip the wire end to a precise 0.6 mm and apply a tin coating. Additionally, please supply 10 female connector parts for testing purposes, along with an extra 1-3% spare connectors for potential backup use.

At present, certain original connectors, especially those sourced from Japan, are facing shortages, resulting in extended delivery lead times of approximately 25 weeks. To address this issue and mitigate the delays in delivery, we offer alternative connectors manufactured in China, which maintain the same specifications. If you require assistance or wish to explore these alternatives, please feel free to contact our sales engineer for further support.

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