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N20 gear motor with Encoder

Micro DC Motor and Small Gear Motor Accessories-Encoder

The encoder is an essential partner to the micro DC motors and DC gear motors, translating mechanical rotation into digital pulse signals. Through the motor’s rotation, the encoder emits pulses, revealing the speed, displacement, and operational status of the motor.

Classification of Encoders

Encoders can be classified based on various factors such as their operating principles, measurement methods, and signal outputs. Here are some common classifications of encoders:

According to its scale measurement method and signal output form, it can be divided into incremental type, absolute type and hybrid type.

Encoders for DC motors

We provide a diverse range of encoders to fulfill the requirements of our customers for the portfolio of direct current motor products. These encoders are utilized to enhance both positioning and speed control. We offer 2 and 3-channel incremental magnetic encoders and optical encoders, with standard quadrature resolutions ranging from 16 to 10,000 pulses per revolution. Their robust designs render them suitable for challenging environments. The magnetic encoders consist of a magnetic ring and Hall detection circuitry, yielding dual-channel square wave outputs.

All our N20 gear motors can be equipped with Hall encoders, employing this technology to deliver 3 signals per motor revolution. Assuming a gear ratio of 100:1 for the gear motor, the output shaft generates 300 signals per revolution. This level of accuracy is sufficient to meet the requirements of standard precision equipment.

INEED Electronics Magnetic Encoder Specs

Hall encoder
Hall encoder performance

INEED Elctrronics Optical Encoder Specs

The N20 motor adopts an optical encoder, providing 48 signals per motor revolution. Assuming a gear ratio of 100:1, the gearbox output can gather 4800 signals per revolution, achieving a precision of 0.075 degrees per signal. N20 gear motor with optical encoder is primarily intended for use in ultra-high precision equipment.

INEED Optical Encoders
INEED Optical Encoder Output wave


To encapsulate the information about encoders, it’s evident that INEED Electronics offers a comprehensive range of encoder solutions. The N20 gear motor series demonstrates the utilization of optical and Hall encoders, providing precise feedback with signal counts ranging from 4 to 4096 per motor revolution. With gear ratios considered, these encoders deliver unparalleled accuracy, reaching increments as fine as 0.075 degrees per signal. This versatile selection caters to a broad spectrum of applications, from standard precision equipment to the demands of ultra-high precision systems. For tailored solutions aligned with specific needs, INEED Electronics invites clients to engage with their experts, ensuring optimal encoder integration into diverse projects.

FAQ for N20 gear motor with encoder


What are the dimentions of the N20 gear motor with encoder?

The N20 motor equipped with an encoder has the following dimensions: 15 mm in length, 12 mm in width, and 10 mm in height. Additionally, the associated gearbox has a length of 9 mm.

How do I choose an encoder for my motor?

A: Consider space, form factor, and mechanical compatibility with the motor shaft and load. Choose solid or coreless shaft based on coupling preference. Evaluate resolution, accuracy, environment, output signal, and electrical compatibility. Prioritize reliability and longevity from reputable manufacturers for consistent performance.

What is the difference between motor with encoder and without encoder?

The key difference lies in closed-loop feedback. Encoders offer various pulse counts per revolution, providing precise speed and position data. Without an encoder, you only know the speed you apply, lacking insight into actual speed—lower battery voltage affects speed.

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