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What is 775 gear motor

What Is 775 Gear Motor

A 775 gear motor is a unique type of DC motor, composed of two main parts: the 775 DC motor and a gear reducer. What sets it apart is the fusion of its dual characteristics of high speed and high torque output, allowing it to exhibit outstanding performance in various fields.

775 DC Motor

The motor core of the 775 gear motor, which serves as its primary driving unit, utilizes DC motor technology. This motor design is intended to provide the capability of high-speed operation to meet the requirements of applications demanding higher speeds. High speed DC motors typically demonstrate elevated rotational speeds, thus offering swift motion and response in certain tasks.

775 DC motor
Pic 1: 775 DC Motor
775 Planetary Gear motor1 1
Pic2: 775 Planetary Gear Motor

Planetary Gearbox

Another crucial component of the 775 gear motor is the gearbox, which includes a planetary gear system. At INEED Electronics, we commonly integrate a planetary gearbox with the 775 motor. If desired, spur gearbox can also be provided. The gearbox contains multiple gears that function to decrease the rotational speed of the motor’s output shaft while simultaneously increasing the output torque. This means that even during high-speed operation of the motor, the gearbox is capable of reducing the output speed while delivering greater torque. This design caters to applications requiring high torque but at lower speeds.

How To Build A Super Powerful Gearbox for A 775 DC Motor?

In this video, you will uncover the key techniques for crafting a robust gearbox, unlocking the potential of your 775 motor to unleash even greater power! A must-read that you won’t want to miss!

Structure and Characteristics of the 775 Planetary Motor

The diameter of the 775 motor typically measures 42mm, although certain models with protective magnetic rings can have a diameter of 44.5mm. The length remains consistent at 66mm. It is characterized by its high-speed and high-torque output, making it the preferred choice across numerous domains. It can operate at voltages of 12V DC and 24V DC. Please refer to the basic parameter table for the 775 gearmotor for more details.

775 motor performance 11 1
775 Planetary Gear Motor Performance

Application of 775 Planetary Gear Motor

The exceptional performance of the 775 motor has led to its extensive application in various fields. In the realm of robotics, the 775 motor is frequently employed for robotic joints and drive components, imparting robots with greater flexibility and efficiency in their movements. In the transportation sector, this type of motor finds use in the propulsion systems of electric vehicles, enhancing their operational efficiency. Simultaneously, in the realm of household appliances, the 775 motor is widely utilized in products such as mixers, blenders, and grinders, elevating the working efficiency of domestic appliances.


As a powerful type of DC motor, the 775 planetary gear motor plays a significant role in various domains such as robotics, transportation, and household appliances, leveraging its exceptional performance and diverse applications. Its attributes encompass high-speed capabilities, substantial torque output, and resilience in challenging environments. In the realm of robotics, the 775 motor contributes to high maneuverability, while in transportation, it enhances the energy efficiency of electric vehicles. In the household appliance sector, the 775 motor ensures efficient operation across a range of products. Regardless of the field, the 775 motor stands out for its remarkable performance and versatility, making it a standout performer.

 775 planetary gear motor


Why is it called 775 motor?

The term “775” denotes the standardized size identifier for this specific motor type. This numeric label refers to the motor’s outer body frame dimensions. Typically, a standard 775 DC motor features dimensions of 66mm in length and 42mm in outer diameter.

What is the output speed range of a 775 planetary motor?

INEED Electronics offers a IND-42GMP775 12V~24V 775 planetary motor with gear ratio 5:1 and 125:1, the output speed range of 1,000 to 40 RPM. This motor is known for its high torque, high power, and low noise characteristics.

What is the current of a 775 motor?

The 12V 775 motor with a diameter of 42mm and a shaft diameter of 8mm has a rotational speed of 5000 RPM at 12V DC without a reducer. It has a free running current of 550mA and a stall current of 3A.

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