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6mm Micro Metal Gearmotor

6mm Micro Metal Gearmotor Applied in Insulin Pumps


A European medical company approached us. The customer initially used a 12mm spur gear motor in an attempt to reduce the size of the insulin pump without compromising its original performance.


Our engineering team carefully examined the customer’s spur gear motor samples. Our proposed solution involves choosing a longer and smoother 6mm metal planetary gear motor. It runs only one stage gear, instead of stacking multiple gear drives. Compared with spur gear reducers, planetary reducers usually produce higher transmission ratios and efficiency in a smaller space.


INEED proposed an alternative solution within a week and successfully delivered samples within two weeks. Customer feedback has shown that the 6mm planetary gear motor sample performance is more stable and provides higher torque than the original product. This exceeded customer expectations and achieved the goal of a smaller final size of the insulin pump. At the same time, it improves its performance compared to previous finished products. In addition, for future product development, customers have prioritized incorporating INEED into their projects.

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