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6mm planetary gear motor for Land survey instrument

6mm Planetary Gear Motor for Land Survey Instrument

Project Challenges:

INEED Electronics has been approached by a leading construction tool supplier in Germany to develop a value engineering solution to replace the small gear motors of an existing gear motor supplier.

This new industrial-grade measuring device replaces traditional leveling tools and can be operated by a single person at the push of a button to perform all measuring applications. A gear motor can rotate laser elements to collect measurements for a variety of construction activities, such as drywall installation, interior design, and outdoor leveling.


The challenge for INEED Motors was to quickly deliver the prototype for certification within two weeks. Our development team responded quickly to the customer and created a 6mm planetary gear motor with integrated connectors and mounting plates to provide an outstanding solution for the customer.


With a strong focus on the overall needs of the customer, INEED Motors has achieved a reduction in encapsulation costs of more than 10% compared to the customer’s existing motor suppliers. The 6mm metal planetary gear motor has been adopted by customers for its precise speed and high torque features, as well as its efficient design.

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