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Planetary Motor Gearbox

We are looking forward to cooperating with you and providing our best services for you, as well as our planetary motor gearbox, Brushless DC Motors, Industry Solution. We hunt forward towards your coming, we champion innovation and integrity, customer first’ is our motto. In recent years, our factory encourages creative thinking and integrated advanced technologies, delivering excellence. Nowadays with the desire to expand our business, we’ve got decided to capitalize on global opportunities. We expect to provide planetary motor gearbox and services to more users in global markets including West Asia, Central Europe, Canada, Thailand, etc. INEED Motors collaborates with many factories and qualitified team to provide expert and affordable planetary motor gearbox worldwide. Our R&D team has extensive experience to provide you expert support, we also accept Customized Products order, each product has met the standards required for professional certification. With your kind help, we believe that we can create a bright future with you together. So please do not hesitate to contact us for your need.


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Planetary Motor Gearbox Boost Profit

3.7 Volt 716 Coreless Micro DC Motor

3.7 Volt 716 Coreless Micro DC Motor

♦ Basic Info:

Model: IND-YQ0716-001

Diameter: 7 mm

Body Length: 16  mm

Operating Voltage: 3.2 V DC-4.0 V DC

♦ Applications:

Blood pressure pump/ Camcorder/ Electric shaver

/ Remote control aircraft

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DC 10V Micro 2204 Brushless Motor

DC 10V Micro 2204 Brushless Motor

♦ Basic Info:

Model: IND-28BLDC2204Y

Diameter: 28 mm

Body Length: 13.9 mm

Operating Voltage: 8V DC-12V DC

Motor Torque: 50g·cm – 100g·cm


♦ Applications:

Robotics / Actuator / Medical Devices

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BLDC Gearmotor 24mm

BLDC Gearmotor 24mm

♦ Basic Info:

Model: IND-24GM2419

Diameter: 24mm

Body Length: 19mm

Operating Voltage: 4V DC-26V DC

♦ Applications:

Personal Care Products / Precision Instruments /

Smart Home Products / Robots

Security products / Actuator / Medical device /

Power tools / automation equipment

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12 volt worm gear motor

12 Volt Worm Gear Motor N30

♦ Basic Info:

Model: IND-12GMWN30

Diameter: 12mm

Body Length: 20mm

Operating Voltage: 5V DC-14V DC

♦ Applications:

Adult products/ Home appliances/ Massage apparatus/ Personal care

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Planetary Motor Gearbox Cut Down Cost

Offset and foldback 1 rotated 1

Spur Gear Motor

  Spur Gear Motor Good quality is factory’ existence, innovation and integrity guide our path, trust paves our way to

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More About Planetary Motor Gearbox

We’re delighted to introduce you to INEED Motors, have a look at the most unique planetary motor gearbox here! INEED Motors has a long history and experience of providingplanetary motor gearbox, which means we are professional and masterful. Our long-standing presence in this market has resulted in us having a substantial workforce, an expansive factory, and an impressive monthly production capability. Our planetary motor gearbox are excellent. Quality assurance is at the core of our operations, with strict testing standards, standardized production processes, and comprehensive quality management in place to safeguard the excellence of our planetary motor gearbox. Moreover, as a masterful, we have lots of experience of planetary motor gearbox and have gain great reputation. We collaborate with numerous partners from various countries. Our primary sales regions encompass nearly every corner of the globe. We always believe that your request is our command!If you are looking for a global-minded companion, consider us right now!


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