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Small Gear Motors

The small gear motor is a miniature DC motor equipped with a small gearbox, used to reduce output speed and increase torque.

At INEED Motors, all micro gear motors with a diameter smaller than 42mm fall under the category of our small gear motor, including N20 gear motors, planetary gear motors, worm gear motors, brushless DC gear motors, and all types of spur gear motors.

Due to the unique nature of your application, most of them may not be directly suitable for your product. As a professional gearmotor manufacturer, we aim to exceed your device’s performance expectations! Our team is ready to create the perfect custom gear motor solution for you. Let us embark on a journey of unique small DC gear motor customization experiences starting from today.

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We provide you with the perfect miniature electric motor solutions. Whether it’s utilizing brushless DC motors or brushed DC motors with in-core or coreless motor designs or adding encoders for position sensing or feedback, we are able to meet your specific requirements. There are 3 popular types of gearheads on the market: spur gearheads, planetary gearheads, and worm gearheads combined with our micro DC gear motors. They are compact, cost-effective, and suitable for OEM applications. Offering endless possibilities for your application, all our mini gear motors are carefully crafted to work seamlessly with your imagination and design.

Spur gear motor

Spur Gear Motor

Compared with other mini DC gear motors, spur gear motors have high transmission efficiency to meet your application. They are simple, easy to make, and easy to install. Spur gear motors are ideal for low torque and duty cycle requirements applications. The N20 gear motor is a highly typical member of our spur gear motor lineup and finds wide application across various industries. It has gained additional recognition as a key component in shared bicycle smart locks.

Planetary gear motor

Planetary Gear Motor

A planetary Gear Motor is a small high torque electric motor that provides low-speed and high torque at the same time. They can handle varying loads with minimal backlash and are best suited for intermittent operation, offering infinite reduction ratios to meet all speed and torque requirements for OEM applications. Our 6mm diameter metal planetary gear motors are perfectly suited for applications where space is limited, but high torque is required.

Worm gear motor

Worm Gear Motor

Small worm gear motors are the most load-bearing capacity micro gear motor type due to their special worm gear material and large gear contact area. They also feature self-locking functionality and a rectangular output shaft. Changing the polarity and rotational direction is easily achieved. Available in various gear ratios, voltages, and sizes, INEED Motors provides multiple types of small geared electric motors with worm gearheads for your application needs.

Technical Support and Customization Capabilities

INEED Motors has over 10 years of experienced R&D engineers and several advanced R&D laboratories.


Our engineers can understand your project needs and product specifications in-depth and provide the appropriate technical solutions.
The products include brushless DC motor, brushed motor, gearbox design, and development.

More than 80% of the projects we worked on are customized. Our customized services include dimensions, internal structures, technical parameters, encoders, and other custom accessories.


Our engineering team organizes regular training sessions to keep the technical team at the forefront of the industry and proficient in dealing with various technical challenges.

We provide detailed technical documents and information, such as specifications, motor characteristic curves, 3D drawings, etc.

Precision Processes and Continuously Optimized
Production Capacity

You need more than just a small DC gear motor, you also need a trusted supplier to build your brand and increase profits!

Production on Demand Order

INEED Motors focuses on customer demands and flexibly adjusts the production process and schedule to ensure the timely delivery of high-quality customized products. Regardless of the bigger or smaller order, we respond quickly and provide solutions that meet our customers' requirements.


Core Parts Manufacturing and Assembly

We have advanced gear processing equipment and skilled technical workers, who can accurately process all kinds of high-precision gear, in strict accordance with the assembly process for gearbox assembly, to ensure stable and reliable product quality, and to provide customers with excellent performance and experience.


DC Motor Production and Control

Perform organization and a series of inspections on motor components such as rotors, stators, commutators, and end caps. Each motor rotor is rigorously tested and evaluated to ensure its quality is up to industry-leading levels, enhancing product performance and reliability.


Automated Manufacturing Capacity and Continuous Optimization

We continue to invest in research and development and the introduction of advanced automated production equipment. With an automation rate of 60%, and continuous optimization of production processes, to ensure that we are always at the forefront of the industry and meet the changing needs of our customers.


Quality Control and Reliability

INEED Electronics is equipped with various precision machining and quality testing equipment. We have established a comprehensive inspection process, covering material selection, production process monitoring, product testing, and other aspects. We have also established a perfect after-sales service system to respond to customer inquiries and needs promptly, rather than go away after delivery.


What Are The Advantages of The Small Gear DC Motor?

High Torque: Small gear DC motors offer high torque output, making them suitable for increased power and efficiency applications.

Precision Control: The geared mechanism allows precise speed and direction control, essential for applications demanding accurate positioning and smooth operation.

Compact Size: These motors are space-efficient due to their compact design, making them ideal for applications with limited installation space.

Low Noise and Vibration: Gear reduction reduces noise and vibration, ensuring quieter and more stable operation, making them suitable for noise-sensitive environments.

Energy Efficiency: Gear reduction enhances energy efficiency, optimizing power consumption and extending battery life in battery-operated devices.

Overload Protection: The gear system provides inherent overload protection, safeguarding the motor and connected components from potential damage during high load conditions.

FAQ for Small Gear Motors

First, it is necessary to define the application of the product.

Second, the desired output speed and desired output torque should be specified, along with the required rated voltage.

Third, the diameter and length of the motor are needed, with the output shaft type specified as a DC motor, Such as D-type, Round, Double flat, knurling, etc.

Fourth, once the above information is determined, you can choose the ideal solution from the above types of motors or contact us immediately for a solution. The key is to select a gear motor that matches the required power and operates at or near its highest efficiency for your equipment load.

There are two common types of gear motors: right-angle motors and inline motors.  

Right-angle motors use worm, bevel, or hypoid gears. While inline motors usually use spur gears or planetary gear sets. Worm, spur, and planetary gears are commonly found in our gear motor designs.

Our product lines include 6-42mm diameter Planetary gear motors, N20, N30, 130, 180,370,500,555, etc. Spur gear motors, Brushless gear motors, Worm gear motors, Brushless gear motors, worm gear motors, and other high torque low RPM gear motors.

The process of customizing an ideal miniature DC geared motor is simple. Fill out your requirements in the provided form (such as voltage, speed, torque), or email us your needs, and our sales engineers will respond to you within 8 hours. Once the performance parameters are determined, you can expect to receive your customized miniature gear motor samples within 7-10 days.

Generally, there are AC and DC gear motors on the market. They use either AC power or DC power. It depends on the sign motor it’s equipped with. All our gear motors work at DC power.

A DC motor forms part of the DC gear motor body, providing power to the gear motor. A small gear motor features the same basic motor design as a DC motor, but it is outfitted with a gear head to reduce speed and increase torque, making it suitable for requiring high torque applications. Due to their simple structure, DC motors can meet the requirements of high speeds and low torque and can achieve single-motion control functions.

A gear motor is a small electric motor with a gear mechanism. Its design purpose is to generate high torque at relatively low speeds, making it suitable for driving equipment. The motor is powered by a direct current (DC) power source. The speed and torque of the motor depend on the voltage, frequency, and current of the power supply. The internal gear mechanism of the motor usually consists of a planetary gear set or a spur gear set, which converts the motor’s speed into the desired output speed of the driven equipment. The gear mechanism also allows for a reduction in motor speed to increase torque.

We, INEED Electronics is a professional motor manufacturer with over 10 years of experiences. Most of our customers come from Europe, North America, and Southeast Asian countries, with 100% inspection, and Customer Satisfaction is 98%.

For samples, the lead time is 7-10 days. For bulk orders, it depends on the quantity of the order. 10K PCS usually talks for 20-25 days.

The MOQ of the standard part is 2K PCS. The customized parts should meet the MOQ of our material supplier. Will know let you it when we provide the quotation.

For samples or small orders, we usually use DHL/FedEx/UPS by door-to-door transportation. Or provide your international shipping account to collect them. For bulk orders, we can arrange sea or air transportation. Who will carry the freight? It depends on the Incoterm you and us.

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Motor products pose complexities in understanding, specifying, and integrating, with no industry standards. We offer expertise to mitigate design, manufacturing, and supply risks.

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You need our support, and we are ready to provide assistance.

Motor products pose complexities in understanding, specifying, and integrating, with no industry standards. We offer expertise to mitigate design, manufacturing, and supply risks.

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You can easily upload your 2D/3D CAD design files, and our sales engineering team will provide you with a quote within 24 hours.