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Spur gear motor for fishing gear

Spur Coreless Gear Motor for Fishing Gear

Project Challenge:

One of our European clients developed a fully-featured backup buoy with a programmable electronic release mechanism designed to locate and retrieve lost fishing gear. The electronic release timer operates at depths of up to 1000 meters (3500 feet). Additionally, the requirement was for a cost-effective reduction motor that must meet strict objectives.


We were fortunate to be involved in this project. We worked closely with the client company to confirm the required parameters such as output speed, torque, lifespan, and connection type (wires or connector) for the buoy system. The client requested that the buoy system be re-armed 300 times without the need for part replacement. The original design with a solid core gear motor could not meet this lifespan requirement. Our engineers replaced it with a coreless DC motor matched with a spur gear reducer and simulated the buoy’s operational mode on our lifespan testing equipment.


The project spanned over 6 months, including 1 EVT (Engineering Validation Test) and 1 PVT (Product Validation Test). The lifespan of the spur gear motor exceeded the client’s expectations, reaching 1000 hours. The client praised our R&D capabilities. Currently, we have received a one-year forecast demand from the client and are delivering to the client’s designated EMS processing facility. Through collaboration with our experienced micro-gear motor manufacturing team and the implementation of a customized solution tailored to the client’s needs, our client achieved their goals. They improved the buoy system’s performance and user experience while meeting cost objectives.

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