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70 motor for Electronic lockboxes

370 Worm Gear Motor for Smart Lockboxes

Project Challenges

Our customers are looking for a gear motor supplier for their Smart lockboxes. This device has been well established in the market, but this year they encountered an unacceptable failure of the IQC gear motor and have had many times return goods experiences from their existing suppliers. They decided to replace the current gear motor supplier with a more powerful and consistent quality gear motor manufacturer, preferably a replacement for a worm gear motor manufacturer.


To provide an alternative, we had to meet some strict restrictions. Since it is not possible to redesign, the gear motor must fit into the current housing. We followed the mechanical design of the existing worm gear motor, adding springs to the lock and using high-quality lubricants to customize the motor. This can meet their size, performance, and current drawing specifications. This sample was tested on our lifetime tester and the test proved that our motor life was up to the requirements.


SentriLock, this real estate lockbox features a high-strength, corrosion-resistant steel vault and bolt-resistant cutter lock for up to 10 years. We are gradually ramping up production from the pilot stage to mass production. In doing so, we eliminate the problem of quality degradation from older suppliers. Because our solution is a one-time replacement, customers do not need to redesign any aluminum casings or change any production tools. Our 370 worm gear motor proved to be more reliable and stable when locked or unlocked.

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