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Spur gear motors

INEED Motors offers compact, cost-efficient, and highly reliable spur gear motors that fulfill various application requirements. We provide a diverse range of reduction ratios, steel or brass precision spur gears, voltages, and sizes. If your application demands low torque motors, a spur gear motor is an excellent choice.

Our spur motors come in open-frame, closed-frame, offset, and foldback designs. They have a diameter range of 12mm-37mm, a voltage range of 1-24V DC, a load torque range of 0.1g cm to 200kg. cm, and an output speed ranging from 0.5rpm to 5000 rpm. One outstanding example is our N20 micro gear motor,  it’s a highly efficient low torque electric motor.

We offer the option to equip these small gear motors with straight-cut or helical-cut gears, with or without encoders, and with either carbon or metal brushes. Additionally, we offer custom electric motors service to precisely meet your specific requirements.

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What is Spur Gear?

Spur gear:

Spur gears

Straight gears or spur gears are cylindrical gears with teeth that run parallel to the rotational axis. The teeth extend radially from the gear, allowing for efficient power transmission.

Spur gears do not generate axial thrust by their tooth loads. They excel at moderate speeds, offering reliable and efficient power transmission. However, it’s important to note that at high speeds, spur gears tend to produce more noise compared to other gear types.

Customization of Spur Gear Motors

Precision gear motor are designed to simplify construction, reduce costs, and provide reliable and efficient low-torque performance. To learn more about how DC spur gear motor customization can benefit you, kindly see our Spur Gear Motor Customization Guide below:

Open-Frame spur gearhead

Open Frame

Most of our designs use an open construction with square or rectangular gearboxes.

Closed-Frame spur gearhead

Closed Frame

The closed gearbox is designed to be circular to make it more practical and can cover the gear and keep debris out.


Shaft Solution

We offer customization of shafts in various lengths, round types, location holes, D-cut, screw shafts, and more. Additionally, we can add gear to an output shaft if desired, all to meet customer drawings.

Spur-Offset and foldback spur gearhead

Offset and foldback

If space is limited, you can choose between a fold-back gearbox or a non-concentric offset gearbox shaft for your design.

N20 gear motor Encoder

Matching Encoder

Different encoders can combine with INEED DC gear motors. The encoders are ideal for commutation, position control, speed, or count. That means each shaft position within a revolution is assigned a unique angular value through the encoder. Click Pic to find more about our encoders.

Adding connectors

Adding connectors

A spur gear motor can be connected to other components using a variety of different methods including pin type, lead wires, and connectors. Connectors that can be used to attach the motor to Molex, ACES, ELCO, and Hirose components are all available. Click Pic to find more connectors.

The Structure of Spur Gear Motor

One notable distinction of spur gear motors compared to planetary gear motors is that the output shaft is typically eccentric. However, for some products, according to the installation requirements, the output shaft can be made into a shaft in the center by the gear motor manufacturer’s internal machining.

The structure of a spur gear motor is simple, making it more affordable compared to planetary gear motors. The spur gearhead is added to the motor to reduce the output speed and increase the torque. We use high-quality steel or brass gears to ensure maximum strength and longevity. These gears can be coupled with iron core, coreless, and brushless motors.

A spur gear motor is a type of cylindrical gear motor that consists of several spur gears arranged in parallel axes.

Since the teeth of the gears are parallel to the axis of installation, no axial thrust is generated. The profile of the spur gears follows an involute curve, and only one pair of teeth engage at a time, resulting in purely radial forces on the shaft. In other words, all loads are borne entirely by the single contact point between the two gears. Additionally, the meshing action of spur gears can generate higher forces on the teeth, resulting in slightly louder noise compared to planetary gear motors. Spur gear systems have no sliding losses, making them generally more efficient in power transmission. By adding more gear stages, the reduction ratio can be increased, thereby lowering the output speed and increasing the torque. 

The difference between a spur gear motor and a planetary gear motor? 

The Structure of Spur Gear Motor

Technical Support and Customization Capabilities

INEED Motors has over 10 years of experienced R&D engineers and several advanced R&D laboratories.


Our engineers can understand your project needs and product specifications in-depth and provide the appropriate technical solutions.
The products include brushless DC motor, brushed motor, gearbox design, and development.

More than 80% of the projects we worked on are customized. Our customized services include dimensions, internal structures, technical parameters, encoders, and other custom accessories.


Our engineering team organizes regular training sessions to keep the technical team at the forefront of the industry and proficient in dealing with various technical challenges.

We provide detailed technical documents and information, such as specifications, motor characteristic curves, 3D drawings, etc.

Precision Processes and Continuously Optimized Production

You need more than just a spur gear motor, you need a supplier with 13 years of experience in the field to build your brand and increase your profits!

Production on Demand Order

INEED Motors focuses on customer demands and flexibly adjusts the production process and schedule to ensure the timely delivery of high-quality customized products. Regardless of the bigger or smaller order, we respond quickly and provide solutions that meet our customers' requirements.


Core Parts Manufacturing and Assembly

We have advanced gear processing equipment and skilled technical workers, who can accurately process all kinds of high-precision gear, in strict accordance with the assembly process for gearbox assembly, to ensure stable and reliable product quality, and to provide customers with excellent performance and experience.


DC Motor Production and Control

Perform organization and a series of inspections on motor components such as rotors, stators, commutators, and end caps. Each motor rotor is rigorously tested and evaluated to ensure its quality is up to industry-leading levels, enhancing product performance and reliability.


Automated Manufacturing Capacity and Continuous Optimization

We continue to invest in research and development and the introduction of advanced automated production equipment. With an automation rate of 60%, and continuous optimization of production processes, to ensure that we are always at the forefront of the industry and meet the changing needs of our customers.


Quality Control and Reliability

INEED Motors is equipped with various precision machining and quality testing equipment. We have established a comprehensive inspection process, covering material selection, production process monitoring, product testing, and other aspects. We have also established a perfect after-sales service system to respond to customer inquiries and needs promptly, rather than go away after delivery.


The Advantages of Spur Gear Motor


Its simple and compact design makes them easy to design and install, even in limited or restricted spaces.

Constant Speed Drive

These gears increase or decrease the speed of the shaft with a constant speed and high precision


The spur gears are unlikely to slip during operation, and their durability reduces the risk of premature failure.


Its simplicity of design allows for greater manufacturability, making their manufacturing and purchasing costs lower.


Spur gear systems have power transmission efficiencies between 95% to 99%, enabling large amounts of power to be transmitted between multiple gears with minimal power loss.

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FAQ for Spur Gear Motor

Spur gear motors are a combination of spur gearboxes and motors, with the output shaft often being eccentric and using a voltage of 3-24V. They are the most easily visualized precision cylindrical gear motors, transmitting motion between two parallel and coplanar shafts with straight and parallel teeth.

Spur motors find applications in diverse industries such as robotics, automation, medical devices, automotive, and consumer electronics. They are suitable for tasks requiring precise and reliable torque control.

According to different given conditions, there are two ways to calculate the speed reduction ratio of a spur gear motor:

1. Given the output speed and the rated speed of the motor (input speed): Spur gear ratio= Output speed/Input speed.

2. Given the number of teeth of the driving gear and the driven gear: Spur gear ratio= The number of teeth of the driving gear/The number of teeth of the driven gear.

Spur gear motors, aka electric gear motors, are designed for low-maintenance operation. Routine inspections for lubrication, wear, and alignment may be recommended to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

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Contact Us

You need our support, and we are ready to provide assistance.

Motor products pose complexities in understanding, specifying, and integrating, with no industry standards. We offer expertise to mitigate design, manufacturing, and supply risks.

Contact our team now.

You can easily upload your 2D/3D CAD design files, and our sales engineering team will provide you with a quote within 24 hours.