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Worm gear motor

INEED Motors is a trusted worm gear motor manufacturer with reliable solutions that are able to be customized to meet the unique requirements of applications. Our expertise in DC worm gear motor and gear technology helps OEMs develop, identify, and implement new geared motor solutions more quickly. Compact, quiet, and self-locking, or static damping. Worm gear electric motors provide unrivaled torque density. One gear ratio is equivalent to the gear ratio of several stages of other ordinary geared motors. The shaft can be at the right angle, which means the small worm gearbox can transfer motion at 90 degrees. This rectangular output shaft has great advantages in applications where the total length is limited. Our 370 12 volt DC worm gear motors are accurate to 3PRM.

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How Does A Worm Gear Motor Work?

A worm gear motor is a special and ancient gear combination consisting of a worm gear box and a direct current (DC) motor. The worm gear box is primarily composed of a worm and a helical toothed gear, with one gear called the “worm” and the other gear called the “wheel.”  They are typically made of a steel worm and a brass wheel. When power is supplied to the worm gear motor, current flows into the worm gear, causing it to rotate. Meanwhile, the wheel gear rotates along with the worm gear. For every revolution of the worm gear, the wheel gear completes one rotation. The wheel gear is driven and bears the load. Due to the reduction capability of the worm gear box, it can convert the high-speed output of the DC motor into a low-speed output, thereby achieving speed reduction. 

How Does A Worm Gear Motor Work?

4 Reasons to Choose A Worm Gear Motor

When space is limited in your application and you require a self-locking or braking feature along with a high gear ratio reducer, a worm gear motor is the preferred choice for your drivetrain system. They have a compact structure, offer high torque, and are designed to address noise concerns, making them the smoothest and quietest gear system available.

Bigger gear ratio

The working principle of a worm gear motor involves the use of a worm connected to the motor to drive the main gear. This design enables the worm gear motor to achieve a significant reduction ratio, equivalent to the reduction ratio achieved by multiple stages of common gears. Consequently, a small rotation of the worm can result in a substantial rotation of the main gear, covering a greater distance.

Reverse power is limited

When a DC gear motor rotates in the reverse direction, it generates a reactive force that can be converted into reverse power. To prevent damage caused by this, conventional gear motors require the installation of a washer damping device (backstop) to prevent the gear motor from continuing to rotate in the reverse direction. However, a worm gear motor has a self-locking feature. This means that in the event of a power loss, it can prevent the output shaft from rotating in the reverse direction.

Strong carrying capacity

Due to its larger contact area and material characteristics, worm gears have the highest load-bearing capacity. They can withstand high peak torques. The design ratings allow for momentary peak loads of up to 300%, whereas other types of gears typically allow for 200% peak loads.

Smooth operation, lower noise

Worm gear motors utilize gradual tooth engagement, which is a tooth meshing method. This results in smoother motion transmission compared to other gear systems, allowing for precise tooth clearance control and minimal backlash.

Technical Support and Customization Capabilities

INEED Electronics has over 10 years of experienced R&D engineers and several advanced R&D laboratories.


Our engineers can understand your project needs and product specifications in-depth and provide the appropriate technical solutions.
The products include brushless DC motor, brushed motor, gearbox design, and development.

More than 80% of the projects we worked on are customized. Our customized services include dimensions, internal structures, technical parameters, encoders, and other custom accessories.


Our engineering team organizes regular training sessions to keep the technical team at the forefront of the industry and proficient in dealing with various technical challenges.

We provide detailed technical documents and information, such as specifications, motor characteristic curves, 3D drawings, etc.

Precision Processes and Continuously Optimized Production Capacity

You need more than just a DC worm gear motor, you also need a trusted supplier to build your brand and increase profits!

Production on Demand Order

We focus on our customer demands and flexibly adjust the production process and schedule to ensure the timely delivery of high-quality customized products. Regardless of the bigger or smaller order, we respond quickly and provide solutions that meet our customers' requirements.


Core Parts Manufacturing and Assembly

We have advanced gear processing equipment and skilled technical workers, who can accurately process all kinds of high-precision gear, in strict accordance with the assembly process for gearbox assembly, to ensure stable and reliable product quality, and to provide customers with excellent performance and experience.


DC Motor Production and Control

Perform organization and a series of inspections on motor components such as rotors, stators, commutators, and end caps. Each motor rotor is rigorously tested and evaluated to ensure its quality is up to industry-leading levels, enhancing product performance and reliability.


Automated Manufacturing Capacity and Continuous Optimization

We continue to invest in research and development and the introduction of advanced automated production equipment. With an automation rate of 60%, and continuous optimization of production processes, to ensure that we are always at the forefront of the industry and meet the changing needs of our customers.


Quality Control and Reliability

INEED Motors is equipped with various precision machining and quality testing equipment. We have established a comprehensive inspection process, covering material selection, production process monitoring, product testing, and other aspects. We have also established a perfect after-sales service system to respond to customer inquiries and needs promptly, rather than go away after delivery.


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Motor products pose complexities in understanding, specifying, and integrating, with no industry standards. We offer expertise to mitigate design, manufacturing, and supply risks.

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FAQ for Worm Gear Motor

A worm gear motor is a DC motor coupled to a unique worm gearbox or gear reducer that, as the name suggests, includes a worm wheel to transmit torque and rotation. The worm gear is a spiral gear meshed with a spur or a helical gear. Worm gears are usually driving gears, while spur or helical gears are driven gears. The DC motor provides the power, while the worm wheel and worm gear transfer torque to the output shaft.It is particularly suitable for applications requiring slow, precise, and powerful motion and is renowned for its quiet operation and robust load capacity.

Worm gear motors are available in multiple voltage options. Worm gear motor 12V, and worm gear motor 24V are the most common types, catering to different power supply requirements.

A high torque worm gear motor is designed to deliver exceptional torque output, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications requiring reliable power transmission.

Worm gears are used in a variety of industrial applications to reduce speed and increase torque, while also providing a locking mechanism due to their self-locking properties. These components are found in conveyor systems, smart door locks, robotics, and more, as they allow for high-ratio reductions between non-parallel, non-intersecting, perpendicular shafts.

Yes, a mini brushless worm gear motor is specifically designed for compact and lightweight applications where space is limited. Its miniature size and efficient performance make it suitable for various precision tasks.

Yes, DC worm gear motors rated for 12V operation are commonly used in automotive applications, such as windshield wiper systems, power windows, and seat adjustments, due to their efficient performance and reliability.

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You need our support, and we are ready to provide assistance.

Motor products pose complexities in understanding, specifying, and integrating, with no industry standards. We offer expertise to mitigate design, manufacturing, and supply risks.

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